Review of 'Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains'

24 Sep 2017

When listening to music, I am one of those who are more drawn towards instruments than vocals. I always found the interaction between different instruments and the layered depth they created way more fascinating than a pure single voice, regardless of how shockingly beautiful that could be. Plus, the trembling sound of electric guitar can already mimic the feel of human voice but at a more comfortably mellow level. Therefore, Pink Floyd, with their unique sonic experimentation, long-duration solos and psychedelic feel, has everything I love about a music band.

I stumbled upon the poster of the “Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains” in the underground station. I was suspicious about how a visual exhibition can convey the remarkableness of their music, but decided to go have a look at last. Completely out of my expectation, it turned out to be one of the most amazing, well-communicated and thought-provoking museum exhibitions I have ever been.

The exhibition delved into the motivation and social background behind Pink Floyd’s music composition, their relentless creative efforts upon sound and visual experimentation and the progression and change along with their music journey. One thing the exhibition did a fantastic job in engaging the audiences is that the audio guide plays automatically the exact music or audio of the section where an audience is standing. This close interplay between visual display and audio gives audiences a fully immersive experience of Pink Floyd’s distinct music character and the stories behind. The whole exhibition followed the timeline of each album and displayed installations corresponding to each album’ theme. At the end of the exhibition, there is a 360 degree projection movie room playing one of the Pink Floyd’s live concerts which brings the whole tour to its climax.

What is good music? It is beautiful melodies, harmonic structure or impressive rhythmic change. It is limitless adventure or creativity into new sensual experiences. It connects with human emotions and brings out the joy and sorrow within us. It is purposeful and philosophical which enlightens us and inspires us to think for overall humanity. Pink Floyd got them all and that is why they are transcending. Lastly, I want to say thanks to the people who work on this exhibition because by spending only one hour, I have reached to a whole new level of understanding and passion for music.