Finding Life Purpose is Like Peeling Onions

10 Aug 2016

Our passions or interests are determined by a variety of factors such as our fundamental desire, values and natural talents which are further determined by some universal human nature and our individual personalities. All these factors are hidden beneath the surface. This is exactly like layers and layers of onions. Therefore, the best way to discover our real passion in life and who we are is through a trial-and-error process of personal experiment and deep-reflection. By trying different things, we can discover what excite us. Then we can conduct a deep anatomy of why we are attracted to certain things or people and use it as a reference to find new interests.

Some people can find their passion without much trying at fairly early ages because either they are lucky to stumble upon them early or they have outstanding talent on certain things. However, most of us would need many iterative processes. This takes hard work. The more you work on it, the more you will be rewarded.

Some useful techniques I used in my trial-and-error self-discovery process are: