Start Writing at My New Start

09 Aug 2016

2016 has been a weirdly great year for me. I found what I want to focus doing for career in the coming 5 years. I discovered the place that I would like to live for a long period of time. I came to know the lifestyle I want to have. I formed a systematic perception of the world and my position in it. I felt the mental transformation that I can be constantly synced with the moment.

I was going through the exploratory phase that I do not know exactly what I want for life, where I want to go and the fundamental question of who I am. In the past 6 years, I have lived and travelled in many places, dabbled in a variety of fields and connected with a fair amount of people. I followed my heart, got completely lost and adventured into the dark, but just never gave up continuing the journey of self-discovery.

It feels very relieved and peaceful that I figured out my questions to some degree now. I know the future is still unknown and I would very likely go through the ups and downs again. However, I have gained invaluable experiences and maturity. Most notably, I learnt how to navigate myself in uncertainty, how to endure pain for long-term outcome and how to keep moving forward despite failures. I am going to apply these self-knowledge and skills accumulated in the past journey into the future one. That is why I called it the "New Start" for myself.

The major motivation to start writing this blog is to organize all the dots which led me to where I am today and to share my thoughts and experiences with others who are interested. So, I can not only do a self-examination in a deeper level but also connect with the like-minded.

Last, I want to be deeply grateful to my family and friends who have supported me along the way and also to myself who stubbornly refused to be someone else but me :p